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Likewise, it can occur in molten rock from a volcano.Before clay is fired and while lava is still in a molten state, the very weak magnetic fields of individual particles are randomly oriented. Later, its thermoremnant magnetism is measured with a magnetometer.By comparing these data, a researcher can determine the direction of magnetic north at the last time the sample had been exposed to a high temperature..A compass needle would have pointed to the south pole during some periods and to the north pole during others.

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That may mean that another reversal is coming, but not for a few thousand years.

The L-amino acid molecule form has an extension to the left, while the D-amino acid form has an extension to the right.

The L-amino acids change to D-amino acids more or less steadily following death. As a result, remains of organisms that died long ago will have more D-amino acids than ones that died recently.

At 39 different sites from Etna we paleomagnetically investigated 13 flows (four "test flows" with known age, and nine loosely dated flows), emplaced between 122 B. We find α values for the flow mean directions ranging between 3.3° and 5.7° (4.5° on average), which translate into accuracies of age determinations of 136-661 years (307 years on average).

Such dating uncertainty is likely underestimated, as we disregarded several kinds of errors that might affect both the fidelity of paleomagnetic recording and the PSV reference curve.

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