Percentage of people internet dating dating site for rich guys

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The study also found, however, that many people don’t believe that the goal of Internet dating is to find a long-term partner.

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15% of people on a social networking platform (such as Twitter or Facebook) who had dated within the last 10 years said they had asked someone out using the site.Not surprisingly, many people use the Internet to perform due diligence on romantic prospects.29% of Internet users who have what Pew dubs “recent dating experience” (i.e.One in 10 Americans have used a dating site or app, including 38% of people who currently describe themselves as “single and looking,” according to Pew Research Center’s first survey on online dating since 2005.Pew found that over the last eight years, the number of people who went on a date with someone they met online grew to 66%, a significant increase from 43% in 2005.

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