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There is little doubt that the earliest pipes came from England. The Spanish had observed the Indians off Florida’s coastline smoking cigar-like rolled tobacco leaves in 1493 and had eventually adapted that form of smoking for themselves. In 1647 Mason removed to Saybrook, presumably with his young family. In 1653 Mason’s 3.25 acre Windsor lot within the palisade was sold to his neighbor to the north, Henry Clark.In 1655, a half-acre of Clark’s land was sold to Samuel Marshall with “the dwelling house and barn, and apple trees upon it, which was John Mason’s.” This land abutted the main road and bank overlooking the Connecticut River, where the site is situated.1580 - 1610: By 1573 the first written description of clay pipes referred to them as being shaped like a ladell. These early pipes are sometimes referred to as "belly pipes" because of the pot-belly or barrel shape of their bowl.

German Westerwald stoneware, English scratch-blue stoneware, decorative delftware and slip-decorated earthenware, are more characteristic of the early to mid 18 century and are probably associated with the Marshall family.The house was later occupied by the Marshall family who appear to have abandoned it in the second half of the 18.Five years later, Mason joined Reverend Warham in the settlement of Windsor with other Dorchester residents.These, no doubt served as a model for later pipe development. (see Walker, TD pipes, Bulletin of Archaeological Society of Virginia, Vol. By 1558 tobacco smoking had been introduced to Europe.

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