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Prince William and Kate Middleton weren't always the picture of royal propriety.

Sure, now they're ye olde married couple—celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary Monday, in fact—who are expected to be elegant, magnanimous and practically perfect in every way as the future king and queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

They went for morning swims and took strolls through town, and Kate got along with William's pack of friends."She didn't want to give off the wrong impression or make it too easy for Will."She also didn't immediately break it off with Finch, but by the end of their first year at St.Andrews, Kate and William were obviously into each other."It was a long, hot summer and William spent a lot of time at Highgrove and Rose was always around...That summer they realized that they both actually rather liked each other and it was William who made the first move."It was a very sweet and innocent love affair and Rose still laughs about the time they got caught by a farmer in a field.

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