Printable dating quizzes

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Hey everyone, I don't know when you'll see this, but I want you guys to know that I might not be active here anymore.

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A Principal-Components Analysis of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory and Further Evidence of Its Construct Validity.

These are signs that you could be in an abusive relationship. If you like our videos, you can subscribe on You Tube as well.

So far in this series, we have discussed the Cycle of Violence and the Seven Characteristics of an Abuser. [If you want the printable, it’s at the bottom of the post] For the purposes of this quiz, I am going to use the term “SO” to replace boyfriend. Does your SO ever say things like, “You’re stupid”, “I can’t believe you would do something like that”, “You love your family more than me.” ? I love you all and want you to have healthy relationships!!!!

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These graphics contain facts and statistics about dating abuse for high school and college-age young people.If you need any advice or support just know I'll help as well as I can.I have to say tho I won't be quite as active as before because I'm going to be quite busy with school and after school activities.I have problems that I'm struggling to get through, so I might not come back as much. I realize it's only mid-August but it's only about two weeks till back to school I'm going into grade 7 so technically junior high.I'll try, but I don't know, so, bye for now, I guess. Thanks for being so kind and supportive of me during the move!

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