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A career as a writer or author may be a good fit for introverts who are interested in psychology.

A writer or author who specializes in psychology and writes books or articles about psychological theories, principles or studies will be able to spend much of their time researching these topics and then writing about them.

Professionals who work in psychology may not just be psychologists; they may be involved in providing patient care, documenting information about psychological topics or education.

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This could mean locating services that the clients need or taking clients to appointments or other places they need to go.

There are many different specialty options for psychologists, and health psychologists focus on determining how illness affects people.

Part of the work they do involves research, which is ideal for introverts because it enables them to process data and work independently or in small groups.

Although postsecondary psychology teachers do teach classes, introverts may still find many aspects of this profession are a good fit for their personality.

Postsecondary teachers must spend time preparing their curriculum, developing assignments and marking student work.

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