Pushy online dating

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If you've been talking to someone you really like on a dating app, the pressure to have a picture perfect first date can often stop you from even going on the date. So I spoke with Ravid Yosef, creator of The Love Success Method, and Francesca Hogi, a love and life coach, to find out some signs that the person you're conversing with online might have the potential to become your boo offline, too.

But sometimes you have to trust your gut and take a leap of faith that your online connection will translate offline — and it doesn't hurt to know the signs you're compatible with an online crush in advance. Yosef, however, offers these words of caution: "Keep in mind that research has shown that your online chemistry doesn't necessarily translate to offline chemistry and the only way to really know if you'll hit it off, is to actually meet the person, in real life."So even if all signs point to "soulmate," don't let that rose-tint your perception of someone so much that you ignore obvious red flags on the first date.

But first, check out the latest episode of Bustle's Sex and Relationships podcast, "I Want It That Way": The whole butterflies-in-the-stomach thing? According to Yosef, it's definitely a positive sign if you find yourself smiling when you get a notification from someone and are nervous about meeting them.

"Nerves are actually a good thing, they don't always mean that something bad is going to happen, it can easily mean that you're excited," she says.

If it comes up naturally and both parties seem into it, then go for it.

But if someone doesn't take "no" for an answer, run fast.

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If someone takes into account your geographical location and your schedule when suggesting a meeting location, Hogi says, it's a good sign they're a considerate person in general.

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with having a similar sense of humor, but Yosef notes that the ability to engage in banter (whether flirty, intellectual, or witty) online might mean that when you go on a date, conversation will flow equally well.

There's nothing that turns me off more than talking to a guy who gets antsy and wants to meet up the instant I reply to him.

But according to Yosef, asking what their ideal weekend looks like can tell you a lot about your IRL compatibility with someone.

"This gives me a lot of information from a guy with a very simple answer," she says.

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