Quicken not updating all quotes

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All of my problems center around Quicken Bill Reminder, which no longer works.

Have called Support at least 5 times and found they are of little or no help. I have been using Quicken products for 25 years and have never had the problems.

Using the menus this is View I suspect it is related to how long it takes to do ALL.

I have quiet a number of accounts in different organisations under DA and it seems unnecessary to have to ping them all to just update stock prices.

Now follow on-screen instructions to log in back with same Quicken ID.

On the next screen enter your Quicken ID and Password and click Sign In9.

They have live chat 7 days a week and their support is based in the US.

or dial Toll-Free 1-877-353-8076 Things to do before fixing the “Quicken online service is unavailable” issue.

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I think there are more pressing development tasks though.I am new to Banktivity 6 and tried to import my Quicken data.Not successful in getting the investment data in as Quicken does not export this information.I am not kidding when I say I have been telling everyone not to buy this product.So disgusted - and I have a lot of patience when it comes to software given I'm in the industry.

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