Rafael nadal and maria sharapova dating

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WHY DON'T SERENA WILLIAMS AND MARIA SHARAPOVA GET ON? If Serena is playing her best level, I think she's gonna win.

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She demonstrated that again the other day at the Italian Open where, after a brief hit with Rafael Nadal on a practice court, she posted on Twitter, "Had two minutes on the court with the GOAT, was so nervous."The tweet predictably ignited a social media flame war between fans of Roger Federer and Nadal, whose followers are about as antagonistic toward each other as the fellas themselves are companionable.

Nadal has enjoyed an astonishing, somewhat disproportionate degree of his success on the red clay at Roland Garros.

He's won the title a mind-boggling 10 times there, earning the nickname King of Clay.

Sharapova beat Williams to win the Wimbledon title as a 17-year-old and claimed in a book she heard Serena sobbing in the locker room afterwrds.

That irked Williams, who has dismissed it as 'just hearsay', but Croft has lifted the lid on a deeper intesity to their rivalry with Bulgarian Dimitrov at the heart of it. The last 19 matches."It's obviously a little bit of a different situation right now because Serena is coming back after having a baby, and she hasn't played that much."We'll see.

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