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Watch that episode if you want to know the whole story Both Ino and Sakura are obsessed with Sasuke.

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Sakura still defends Sasuke though if people belittle him. we mean that maby in episode 32 sasuke had done nothing but asked sakura about who hert her.and how about episode 20 (something i am not sure maby its 21,22,23)he saves sakura from orochimaru and on an episode he asks sakura for a date and he admits that he likes sakura but…I don't remember the episode number (190 I think) But it was the very begging of the Sasuke Retrival arc.I do not think that Sasuke likes either one of them (Sakura and Ino) because after coming back from the Village of the Mist, Sakura asked Sasuke on a date and he declined. but he really doesn't admitt he's love for sakura nor Ino!!! they tried to when sakura was battling with someone i dont know i think it was sasuke tried to kiss ino only to prove her that he does not like had almost kissed on lips when sakura finished and sasuke was too shy to kiss ino infront of sakura so he didnt. top answer is correct but sasuke has feelings for thinks ino is much like him than sakura.Also, he shows no emotion with Ino since I've never seen him talk to her before. And I know that Ino and Sakura are true Friends they won't let Sasuke come between them!! And FYI the person who fisrt answered this Ino is not a pig!!! heeeeeeeey she will never give on sasuke but when sasuke was gone in naruto shippuden. sasuke grabs ino's both shaulders and ino gets a he unties her hair and KISSES her on was on naruto before ino cut her hair in the chunin Kisses ino infront of sakura and she starts crying and starts liking naruto a bit. But Sasuke does not really have a girl friend but if he has one sakura will get mad at him just like when Ino wanted to be with Sasuke, Sakura will get mad and compete.

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