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Screen Updating = False in the macro but when the other Workbook is opened Screen Updating is on How can I turn off Screen Updating in the other workbook from within the calling macro? Enable Events = False If I use the watch window to look at Application. Activte line is run Unless I am missing something why not try opening the source WB, storing the data in "Get Data(i Count)" in an Array , exit the loop then ,activate This Workbook again, turnoff the sreen updating and do all the formatting work in one go by retreiving the Data stored in the Array. OK - this is a new concept which I don't quite understand.

Thanks Rick Running the code from either a button on the worksheet or from a button on a userform makes no difference here is some of the code Application. Screen Updating I can see it change to True as soon as wb is opened regardless of the second line that turns it false. The intent of the code above is to copy 4 different ranges from a source (unopened) workbook into the active workbook, then format the copied range.

Hi, I've been using this code for awhile and it hasn't been giving me any trouble until recently.

Now the screen updating won't turn off like it did before.

It’s not as fast as it used to be and it can begin to get pretty frustrating waiting a long time for your code to finish. Color = vb Black Else ' else, color the cell light gray cell. If you think about it, if there were of the screen to process, it should run faster, right? Now it should make sense why it’s a good idea to turn off Public Sub Add Content To Sheet() Application. Color = vb Black Else ' else, color the cell light gray cell.

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I recently upgraded to Office 2016 from Office 2010. My problem is that when i turn off screen updating ("Application.

Screen Updating = False"), macros run very slow and sometimes crash.

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