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The Residence Hall is locked 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.Residents have access to the building via electronic key.Emergencies occurring on-campus or at any of the College’s off-campus locations should be immediately reported to 911.Reports of non-emergency criminal actions should be directed to the Vice President of Student Affairs at 231-348-6618.Revised 2/12 405 North Central Michigan College is a public institution of higher education whose authority is derived from the Michigan Constitution of 1963 and whose property and resources are primarily dedicated to academic, administrative and related functions.As an institution that highly regards the freedom of speech, freedom of expression and right to peaceably assemble, North Central Michigan College affords groups and individuals an invitation to exercise such freedoms on its grounds.

The College maintenance staff shall be a reporting agency only and not attempt to exercise police powers other than remaining vigilant for unusual activities upon the campus and the making of reasonable inquiries as above set forth.Violation of city/local/state or federal ordinances and regulations by students, employees and others will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authority for subsequent action.The Vice President of Student Affairs will maintain all records or reports of alleged offenses, associated investigations and related action taken.Students are not to bring children to class unless the child’s attendance is required as part of the student’s responsibilities in completing a course assignment or the student receives prior permission from the instructor. 231-347-5511 North Country Community Mental Health Services 800-834-3393 North Central Michigan College shall and does maintain a comprehensive Emergency Procedures Guide for the safety and security of College employees, students, and visitors on the College’s Petoskey campus.The College assumes no responsibility for the safety of children left unattended on its property. The Guide currently encompasses the following and may be amended, as necessary: bomb threats, building evacuations, dangerous persons on campus, neighborhood intruders, hostages, fires, gas leaks, release of hazardous materials, lockdowns, medical emergencies, missing students, off-campus emergencies, serious injuries or death, sexual offenses, suicides, student unrest, and weather.

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