Simpsons flanders dating video

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Further, Ned was by nature the generous type, possibly best illustrated by an exchange from ‘Homer’s Triple Bypass’ – the two run into each other in hospital, where Ned has been donating a lung and a kidney, and says “if I could give you my heart, Homer, I would” (Homer curtly replies “shut up, Flanders”).

This happened after he found himself on the receiving end of a string of Job-style injustices – his house was destroyed by a hurricane, and then he suffered the indignity of having the community build him a bizarre, ramshackle Wendy House which then immediately also collapsed.

It’s the kind of deliberately tedious content The Simpsons always excelled at (“let me be blunt – is there a labour crisis in America today?

”), centring on the Flanders boys boldly claiming they’re not going to church today.

”), or alternatively like A Clockwork Orange’s Alex De Large post-Ludovico treatment, unable to raise a hand to defend himself.

And this wasn’t limited to his relationship with Homer – presumably while on holiday, when he woke in the middle of the night to find Abraham Simpson stealing his powerboat, he cheerfully handed over the keys and announced to his wife and sons that they would “have a camp out in the dinghy”.

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