So sick of dating

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It's all 'cause one day I looked at my sister n her boyfriend and realised, i wanna take the same guy to every family party, bring the same guy home and wake up with one name on my phone everyday.sadly, haven't found a guy i'm really compatible is it so tough out here. You could change the subject and just start talking about something you like. (Well, he did.) I had no issue being like “HI I LIKE YOU I HOPE THAT’S OKAY.” I knew he liked me back. There is nothing delicious about hoping that you give a shit or having to play it cool because I give a shit. Yes, dates – not “hang outs.” That distinction is important because a hang out could mean that we’re going to go walk around a mall like we did at 14 when our moms were our only means of transportation. I was seeing this guy for a while a couple years back and we did the whole “playing it cool” and “casual sex” thing off and on for almost a year.I’m talking about the unwillingness to connect, to be vulnerable, to step up.I am flabbergasted by how few men will take responsibility for their emotional choices and for the damage they leave behind post relationship.Please don’t get me wrong, women aren’t innocent of dating crimes.There are women who will bail, ghost, use, cheat, manipulate, lie; people tend to suck in general but obviously it’s not everyone. Pretend like there are tv cameras waiting with bated breath for your emotional honesty.

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Honestly, we were a good match but he waited until he moved 3,000 miles away to admit to having feelings for me.i played them with people i just wanted flings with, but now i really am looking for a relationship.i hope the guy i'm talking to now will be the last one i play 21 questions with for a while!I have waited years for a person to do that for me.I tell a story, ask questions, listen to silence, tell another story, joke or two then ask leading questions and get one word answers and so on.

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