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It'll be out later this year.• Two "touchscreen organizer" phones, the G700 and the G900, fill the ranks.These are standard-issue Sony Ericsson models: classy, well-specced but unexciting if you like ostentatious design and lifestyle-led features.It has HSDPA, 8.5 hours of claimed talk time, pre-installed cloud apps, a 2.2"screen and an RSS reader.

Looking at the back however, it's not immediately obvious that there even is a camera, since there's no lens in sight and no lens cover.It runs Windows Mobile 6, an operating system Sony Ericsson's not opted for in the past.It's completely skinned it, too—a striking indication that it knows what it is doing and understands why people hate Windows Mobile.In fact, the whole phone case slides out to the side to reveal the lens.It's a much sturdier form of protection than the usual strip of a lens cover and feels securely built.

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