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By default, the Server Protection Client checks every 60 minutes to see if new signatures can be downloaded from Sophos to detect malicious files.However, as malware is evolving rapidly nowadays, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that protection is provided as promptly as possible.You decide which categories of websites are allowed.

So if you can't rely on the signatures anymore, you have to analyze the behavior of an executable file more closely and block activities that seem to be suspicious.

Sophos Central Server Protection provides you with a wide range of innovative features to protect your server environment from attack without compromising the performance of your servers.

Designed specifically to protect mission-critical servers, the solution provides whitelisting of server applications, powerful anti-malware capabilities, and behavioral analysis.

With the Server Lockdown feature, you can protect your server against all dangers with just one click.

Web Control is a very powerful tool for managing Internet traffic, especially for terminal servers.

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