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Talking about his early life, music was a big part of his childhood growing up.

In addition, since his early age, he was determined to have a career in the music world.

My hubby came home one day with a new digital camera and from there we just started getting crazy.

We started by taking some sexy pictures for our swinger profile on a dating site.

I discovered that I was a nympho at heart and couldn't seem to get enough sexual attention. We are a very open minded couple and love meeting and sharing new experiences with other couples.

My husband loves to watch me with other men and women. We meet all sorts of different couples, from 20 somethings up to 50 somethings.

with her gorgeous look,her beautiful tits,that nice ass,but the thing i find most attractive about her,is her beautiful juicy most delicious lookin pussy i have ever laid eyes on,i'd lick her till she could cum no more!

I much prefer being naked on the net :) I have received many thoughtful and sexy letters over the years from different men who admire my photos and videos.

I find it very rewarding and satisfying expressing myself this way.

His band, 3T, had some success with their first album. Next, 3T continued to perform in France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Furthermore, the group signed with the Dutch label Digidance in 2004.

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