The opinion about interraacial dating

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Although opinion, including those of whites, moved to agreement with the Court’s ruling to eliminate discriminatory laws, actual support for the idea of interracial marriage lagged.Three-quarters of whites in 1968 and almost as many Americans overall (73%) disapproved of the idea of marriages between blacks and whites.We also found that disgust and acceptance were highly correlated; the less accepting people were of interracial relationships, the more disgusted they were by them.The problem with asking people to report on their own attitudes about sensitive topics like race and gender, however, is that people are often either unaware of their own biases or unwilling to report them.

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Consistent with polling data, we found that participants claimed to be largely accepting of interracial relationships.

Today, a majority of whites (54%) say they would neither favor nor oppose a close relative marrying a black person.

Blacks are slightly less ambivalent, with 42% of them giving that response about a close relative marrying a white person.

In the latest question from the National Opinion Research Center, 89% of whites opposed such laws.

A majority nationally in a 2015 poll by the Pew Research Center said more people marrying someone of a different race doesn’t make much difference for society; only a handful (11%) said this is a change for the worse.

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