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I’ll also never forget it because of how emotional he was, and how clear it was to me …

how much Arnold meant to him.” Arnold met a good deal to so many people.

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The PGA Tour has continued to extend and celebrate the King’s legacy, not that it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

In the 364 days since, we have missed his touch, his kindness, his humility, his playfulness, his compassion, and mostly, his overall bigger-than-life, thumbs-up presence. He was born in the Great Depression in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, and his name was Arnold Daniel Palmer.

Consider this goose bump-inducing story, which was told by author Tom Callahan in a beautiful biography released this year, titled “Arnie.” Two servicemen pals from Chicago, Jeff Roberts and Wally Schneider, who were stationed in Vietnam, once wrote to Palmer to ask for help with their bunker games.

Palmer replied to the two with a note, but he also sent them two sand wedges and some golf balls.

“I hope that players keep going, and I hope that field continues to be strong,” said Webb Simpson, who attended Wake Forest on an Arnold Palmer Scholarship. “Every tournament at Bay Hill, I’d go up and see him and Doc (Giffin, Palmer’s longtime assistant) up in his office. I know the game certainly misses him.” Matt Kuchar, who grew up about 30 minutes from Bay Hill, won the 1997 U. Amateur (which Palmer had won in 1954) and at 19, was invited out to play in Bay Hill’s famed mid-day member Shootout alongside the King.

Simpson competed twice at Bay Hill as an amateur, and in spending time around Palmer, he came to appreciate his people skills. “You shook his hand, and he made you feel like you’d known him your whole life,” Kuchar said.

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