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Features include: Intelli Sense provides intelligent assistance for completing COBOL statements.When you are entering a statement, Intelli Sense shows suggestions for the relevant clauses and the identifiers that you can use to complete the statement.[Original Post]Today we released Visual Studio 2015, VS 2013 Update 5, and TFS 2013 Update 5.As always, you can download Visual Studio through several channels: visualstudio.com, MSDN subscriber downloads.You can change your preferences from the If variable names are not unique, Intelli Sense qualifies the names.Consider the example of a program that defines two group items - Student Record and Teacher Record.For those of you who’ve been following our progress since Preview last November and RC in April, you’ll see a few changes, which I’ll talk about here.

Before saying anything about the release, I want to start by thanking all of you who took the time to download our pre-releases and send us feedback – here on this blog, through Send-a-Smile, through Connect, or through email.

It enables you to complete words quickly and to look up available elements.

Intelli Sense only offers assistance for the data items that are in scope based on the current position of the cursor.

Built-in XTerm-compatible terminal based on Smar TTY Fixed compatibility issues with the new Android tools Added support for HAXM. You can now tweak Visual GDB via Tools-Automatic removal of previous app instances with mismatching signatures Android menus are shown properly for solutions opened from command line SMB password is now automatically set when creating remote samba shares Fixed auto-detection of the new ADT bundle The "debugging ended without breakpoints" warning shows program output Fixed include directory caching bug when using build server New SSH console instances can now be opened from SSH console window Fixed "Debug-Visual GDB projects can now be debugged with F5Added a special "Quick debug" feature for Win32 and Linux applications Added easy attaching to Windows and Linux processes Missing source files are now auto-downloaded from the Linux machine Added interactive breakpoint diagnostics feature for Linux and Android Improved path mapping editor Fixed ANDROID_SDK_ROOT bug Fixed unloaded project bug Fixed crashes on VS2012 when debugging 16-bit MCUs Added support for removing generated ANT files for Android projects Improved the sending of source files to Linux machines Visual GDB now distinguishes main thread and worker threads Added support for browsing source files discovered by GDBAndroid startup activity is now determined correctly Win32 and Linux projects can now be easily converted to full-custom Added /v command line option for verbose build output Added support for Android 4.2Added an interactive Source Cache Manager Added support for Android 4.1 (including the linker bug workaround)Added support for running Linux apps in a separate terminal window. Added support for advanced binary directory cleaning.

Simplified debugging Linux applications with gdbserver. A project can now be configured to attach to a process instead of launching. Improved usability of the project wizard Added support for browsing directories on remote Linux machines Improved static library debugging experience Added automatic GCC flag diagnostics to Visual GDB wizard Fixed $(Project Dir) bug with error messages Simplified importing code from a remote Linux machine Improved error reporting and diagnostic messages for full-custom configurations Added STL container visualization Android Edition can now debug code executed on startup Changing debugged program arguments is now easier Optimized -var-list-children calls Can cancel frozen GDB commands on Android Can explicitly terminate Android app on exit Provided workaround for armeabi-v7a deployment bug Importing include directories no longer requires Solution folders are now supported correctly. Added a workaround for incomplete Android activity names in manifest files. Added an option to disable absolute GDB paths Added support for sending emulated Ctrl-C events to GDBAuto-generated makefiles now support assembly files If GDB hangs during startup, the user can abort debugging session Added support for gdb 7.4.

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