Updating msn live messenger

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Windows Live Messenger, like many other programs, requires you to upgrade when they roll out new versions... You might want to try a different instant message program.

Why can't I have an Audio conversation using MSN Messenger?

All Categories » Instant Messaging » MSN Instant Messenger MSN Instant Messenger, now known as Windows Live Messenger, and also related to Windows Messenger, is perhaps the single most popular instant messaging service on the internet.

Are you *sure* there's no way to retrieve MSN Messenger history without "archive messages" selected?

If you're behind a router and/or the person you want to talk to is behind a router you can have problems with audio in MSN Instant Messenger.

Why did MSN Messenger stop alerting me to new messages?

MSN Messenger tells me my microphone is not enabled, why? MUST I upgrade MSN Messenger to Windows Live Messenger?I keep getting MSN Messenger messages that say I am signed on a another location. I've tried to update Messenger, so why does it keep telling me I need a newer version?Is there a way to change the message length limit in MSN Messenger?Fortunately there are easy solutions to fix these particular issues.MSN Messenger 6.2 seems to be causing me problems, what should I do?

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