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If you recently made the final step in your journey by changing your gender it is very important that you renew your passport as legally your personal information will no longer be as it was on your old passport and therefore that passport becomes invalid.

When you apply for you new passport you will need to supply one of the following: • A Gender Recognition Certificate.

The Passport Office have made it even more simple in recent years to apply for you passport from overseas so there's no need to renew your passport for this reason alone.

Some people have suggested that perhaps you might need a special passport for living abroad, this is a myth, and your current UK passport is all that you require.

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You can renew your Passport at any time, however the time left on your old Passport will not be added to your new one.

If you are concerned about your passport and if you should or need to renew it, keep reading, we have all the information you need right here in one place.

Many people who are or have recently moved address will go though their list of important documents that they need to inform about their change of address - please note - The Passport Office should not be on that list.

The only reason you would need to renew your passport when moving overseas is for certain visas, as some require you to have at least 6 months left on your passport, as each country has it's own rules and requirements it is always best to check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before making any travel plans.

This part can be very confusing as many people are unsure what constitutes as a minor change.

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