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By keeping your software up to date, you are lowering the chances of hitting these bugs.

To update software in Raspbian, you can use the apt tool in a terminal.

A device running Raspbian contains millions lines of code that you rely on.

Over time, these millions lines of code will expose well-known vulnerabilities known as Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), which are documented in publicly available databases meaning that they are easy to exploit.

Allison Transmission is dedicated to providing our customers and technicians with the latest technical information and resources.

All Allison Authorized facilities have the right tools, training and parts.

To upgrade, first modify the files If moving to a new Pi model (for example the Pi 3B ), you may also need to update the kernel and the firmware using the instructions above.

The only way to mitigate these exploits as a user of Raspbian is to keep your software up to date, as the upstream repositories track CVEs closely and try to mitigate them quickly.

Given their extensive experience and knowledge, they are always your first choice to properly service your Allison Automatic.

We invest daily in our tools and training to help ensure that you will see the full value of your investment in our product.

If you lack physical access to your devices and want to deploy unattended updates Over-The-Air (OTA), here are some general requirements: Unfortunately apt lacks the robustness features, i.e. This is why third-party solutions have started to appear that try to solve the problems that need to be addressed for deploying unattended updates OTA.

Mender is an end-to-end, open-source update manager.

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