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Summative assessments happen too far down the learning path to provide information at the classroom level and to make instructional adjustments and interventions the learning process. Formative Assessment is part of the instructional process.

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These online, validated, multiple-choice summative exams must be administered in a proctored environment, and include an assortment of questions related to case learning objective presented in random order and are designed to test how well students can apply the concepts presented.

As a classroom teacher or administrator, how do you ensure that the information shared in a student-led conference provides a balanced picture of the student's strengths and weaknesses?

Assessment is a huge topic that encompasses everything from statewide accountability tests to district benchmark or interim tests to everyday classroom tests.

Although formative assessment strategies appear in a variety of formats, there are some distinct ways to distinguish them from summative assessments.

One distinction is to think of formative assessment as "practice." We do not hold students accountable in "grade book fashion" for skills and concepts they have just been introduced to or are learning. Formative assessment helps teachers determine next steps during the learning process as the instruction approaches the summative assessment of student learning.

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