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In a blog post, the company announced that it was committed to making quality video “available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks.” Its video quality is optimised to work with poor bandwidth and connectivity, unlike services like Skype that get affected if bandwidth is poor, a huge advantage in a country like India with poor connectivity.The release of the video calling feature has placed Whats App in direct competition with a number of popular apps like Google’s Duo and Apple’s Face Time.The app can support up to 15 users in a single conference.And to make the whole process as smooth as possible, you don’t need to download any software or apps. To start a chat, head to Talky’s website, give your chatroom a name, and you’ll receive an automatically-generated link that you can share with people you want to call.

Google Hangouts and Microsoft Skype do use some kind of encryption though not end-to-end.

However, while messages and calls may be end-to end-encrypted, the company can still see the meta data, including date, time stamps, mobile phone numbers involved in the messages and other information, though they may not be able to decipher what is in the message.

According to Whatsapp’s privacy policy, the company reserves the right to record this information, and give it to governments.

It also claims that the scorecard becomes outdated every now and then as features in apps go through continuous changes almost every day.

Free Conference connects you with callers in India and around the globe with a free conference call and video conferencing service.

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