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Unger called it a "three-day secret summit," while fellow participant and Owlchemy Labs founder Alex Schwartz described it as a kind of event draped in NDAs "with snipers perched on the roof." Roughly two dozen people attended the meeting, including a few from Valve and HTC, but most of the attendees weren't even told what the meeting would be about.

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This HTC-produced headset, like others, contains high-res displays directly in front of your eyes—one 1080p display for each—along with a pair of headphones.

I couldn't take a photo of any of that experience; it's not physically possible to see inside the unit's displays with my trusted Canon.

And sans visuals to share, I struggle to explain just why this virtual reality demo felt so much different, so much , than any I'd played on other modern VR kits.

Those included the following: an internal motion capture studio; a 3D printer room; a massage room (curses); any room in which I might find studio co-founder Gabe Newell; and most of the company's general-use office space, which is famously made up of desks that can roll away on wheels at a moment's notice, not to mention plugs for computers that tell the entire staff where a staffer has relocated at any given moment.

Faliszek, to his credit, made sure I visited every single coffee machine in the building.

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