Watermans gold pencil dating

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Each era had its top of the line pens -- Patrician, Hundred Year, etc.

-- as well as a full product line targeted to every type of user.

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WAT-255 Waterman Advertisement - 1911, National Geographic, 7x10 inches, Black & White, “Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen For Out Door Writing”, illustration of a hand writing a letter while sitting on a porch, large illustration of Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen WAT-270 1908, Mc Clure's, 7x10, B&W, " Until Everybody has a Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen Santa Claus' bag must be full of them", illustration of Santa Claus holding a full bag of Waterman Ideal Fountain Pens, and illustration of 4 Waterman FP WAT-285 Waterman Advertisement - 1912, The Independent, 7x10 inches, Black & White, “The Present with a Future, Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen”, illustration of 3 Waterman Fountain Pens, and 2 bells ringing, large Ideal logo in center of bells WAT-296 Waterman Advertisement - 1909, Century Magazine, 7x10 inches, Black & White, The Gift of Easter, Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen, The pen with the Clip-Cap, illustration of hand breaking through Easter egg holding Waterman fountain pen, Easter chicks and lilies holding a Waterman Fountain Pen WAT-300 Waterman Advertisement - 1911, Century Magazine, 7x10 inches, Black and white, “Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen, The Pen that measures up to the Man”, illustration of man with a Waterman Fountain Pen standing behind him, the pen is the same height as the man.

As Waterman progressed into the modern era, it produced many of the pens that are still available today including the Edson, the Exception, the Philéas, the Hémisphère, the Expert, the Harmonie, the Charleston, the Ici et Là, the Audace, the Sérénité, the Liaison and the Carène.

Waterman is one of the big three American pen makers of the 20th Century, and we feature them heavily in our catalog.

Additional ads for Higgins Photo Mount Paste and High Class Writing Papers.

WAT-200 Waterman - Higgins Ink eclectic advertisement from August 1900. Top right quarter is the Permit Me add for Higgins' Eternal Ink.

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