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Happy to go out for a couple of beers before get down to business.I have got a webcam, if you wana mess on there first.Do you ever think about these people behind the camera? He admitted that at the end of the day it's more about one being an exhibitionist.There certainly seem to be a lot of guys in Latin America and Eastern Europe are on these sites. So I feel good when I am able to give them some $$$ that will help them pay for college etc. Cannot remotely judge their character based on a few minutes of them jerking off. I guess you think there is something sacred about jerking off? Probably for the same reason they are doing it- only they get off showing it. Did they tell you they were gay too and that you sounded really hot? I'm not going to believe everything some stranger tells me online, obviously.Hi guys, It's hard to improve one of the best sites out there!!! Thanks Dirk Hey Irish, your right , it is so hot having 2 guys sucking and fucking each other while a girl watches.You have a masterpiece, and I'm enjoying it immensely!!! Most women love it , some wont admit but if the situation arises they sure do watch and enjoy.Bisexual Playground is the best place to find guys who love sucking cock.We have many members who absolutely love to suck cock.

Until he exploded loads of cum all over himself as he got on his bed, he started jerking off.But they can't work all year..the chances of making tens of thousands of dollars are slim to none.I think the money aspect comes in when losers offer to fly performers around the world or send them gifts. People are horny and they like the validation of a room full of people cheering them on. Where else can you stroke your cock for a room for a strangers and not get arrested or thrown out of a bar for it? I also can't stand the over use of the word "bro" as if they're just a couple of straight buds talkin'."Hey bro, nice cock""Whoa bro, really looks like you're packin'""Go for it, bro."Fuck you, OP. Maybe I jerk off because I want to, not because I'm lonely or sad.I also would love to hear from all the guys who have performed for the girls.I think its so hot and I believe women deserve the right to watch guys sucking each other.

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