Wesley jonathan dating

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Born in Los Angeles, Jonathan is an American Actor who is the only African-American to try for the role of Gary on What You Like.

After his divorce actor had met with Patrice Jennings in 20, the couple got married.

Tia Brown JET caught up with Wesley Jonathan, co-star of TVLand’s series The Soul Man. I knew her when she went on her first date with Cedric because she was the head of wardrobe at my old show, . When a show is new you’re guessing what the vision is. You also have more to talk about so you can school each other about different occupations. A lot of entertainers are “ahead” of their careers in their minds.

The seasoned actor open up about work, dating and what happens when he hits the grocery store. I play Stamps, the younger brother to Cedric’s character. She would come to work and we would tease her and say, “how was your date with Ced? As an actor learn not to worry about that, go in and do what I do. Speaking of fame, you’ve been in the industry for years.

He is also noted for his role as Gary Thorpe, Noah Cruise and Burrell “Stamps” Ballentine in the comedy sitcom, What I Like About You, Crossover and TV Land’s, The Soul Man respectively.

Jonathan was born in 1978 and his place of birth is in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America.

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