What are contextual effects in dating

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The social relationships are collectively referred to as the social network.Good social networks are associated with greater levels of social cohesion, informal care and enforcing healthy behaviours such as not smoking and safe sexual practices.The extent to which resources are available in the community influences the health of individuals living within it.Living in a socio-economically deprived, underdeveloped community, has a negative impact on child development.The availability of community resources refers to community structures (e.g.political governance) and organisations, knowledge and support within the community.The social environment refers to an individual’s physical surroundings, community resources and social relationships.The physical surrounding of a social environment include housing, facilities for education, health care, employment and open space for recreation.

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Results suggest that early interventions to reduce violence exposure and increase social regulation across multiple social contexts may be effective in reducing dating violence perpetration across adolescence.

For example, social environments characterised by quality, affordable housing are associated with reduced poverty and increased residential stability, both of which affect a child’s health and the social relationships which they form.

Children who change neighbourhoods frequently because their parents are forced to move to find affordable housing may find it difficult to develop supportive social relationships and are more likely to be absent from or under-perform at school.

The nature of physical surroundings (including their quality, e.g.

the extent to which open spaces are clean and buildings maintained) can influence the quality of parenting and in turn affect the health and wellbeing of children within that environment.

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