Wheelchair dating stories

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When challenging inaccessibility there are two words that every disabled person dreads; “listed building”.

The government keeps a list of buildings they deem to be historically significant, usually because they have features that are now rare thanks to modern architecture.

As buildings age & fall into ruin, & as trends change, well-preserved older buildings become treasures.

Often they can give us information about the way people lived throughout history, & what sort of conditions they lived in.

The University of Leeds is full of listed buildings, most famously the E. Stoner & Roger Stevens buildings, which are hideous concrete memorials of brutalist architecture.

Yet every single one of those buildings is accessible.

Outside of Leeds there is Bolton Abbey, a centuries old ruin in the middle of the countryside, that is accessible.

York Minster has multiple accessible entrances & automatic doors, not one of them being a detriment to it’s appearance.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing of this whole debate is that listed buildings can easily be made accessible.

Many buildings are impressive simply due to size or ornate architecture.

They are beloved, iconic in the local area, & thanks to disabled people being institutionalised for much of history, they are often completely inaccessible.

Rockwood is paralyzed from the neck down, which means that she can't move her body into sexual positions without her boyfriend's help.

She's just one of several subjects in the film — some of them quadriplegic like Rockwood, some paraplegic (meaning that they have control of their upper bodies), and one amputee.

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