When to ask a girl out online dating

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There’s nothing more awkward, embarrassing and slightly endearing than dedicating a song to your crush on karaoke night.

If your crush frequents the same dog park as you, tie a note around your dog’s neck for her to find.

If you're developing an indie game and want to post about it, follow these directions.

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Check your credit report for inaccurate accounts and late payments.

Make sure there’s a note inside the box: “I know this is cheesy, but I’d love to take you out for dinner next week.” If you know she’s been working long hours recently, swing by her workplace with her regular coffee order and a note of encouragement.

Tell her you’d like to take her out when the craziness subsides.

We’ve taken a look at the five most common scenarios of asking someone out and outlined our best tips to help ease the process.

We sought advice from our in-house psychologist and relationship expert Salama Marine to compile the tips and increase your dating success.

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