Who is actress gabrielle union dating

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They began their life in the rich black community in Omaha until they got all their three daughters.

Unfortunately, after 30 years of living together and raising a family, the couple split ways through a smooth divorce.

Later, her parents opted for a divorce settlement after 30 years of marriage, which Union describes as a smooth process that followed grace, respect and dignity.

Their parents put them and all her siblings first in everything that they did, including avoiding situations and confrontations that would affect their children's peace.

She believed the only version of beautiful was when one was blonde which she wasn't.

Thus, she considered herself ugly and unworthy of consideration for any public role, let alone be a cheerleader for the high school football team.

In 1992, Union was a victim of rape at age 19 when an assailant robbed the Payless store, where she was working on a part time basis.

She later sued the store for negligence in issuing a warning from an assailant with a previous record of robbery in another station.

Further, Sylvester had served in the military to the rank of a Sergeant before he left to work in the Tech industry.Without knowing it, Gabrielle's acting career had disproved her negative childhood feeling about herself.Growing up, Union developed esteem issues as a result of her appearance.Afterwards, she began dating Chris Howard, an NFL player.The two met in one of the parties and began their love story and relationship.

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