Who is harvey weinstein dating

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According to that in 2010, Weinstein asked her to lunch after they had met at a party.

Weinstein reportedly lured de Caunes up to his hotel room under the guise of showing her a book he was turning into a movie.

In the room, de Caunes alleges Weinstein went to the bathroom, then emerged naked with an erection and instructed her to lay down on the bed.

She was able to leave the room but told that Weinstein propositioned her for sex in the mid-1990s at a hotel while his then wife, Eve Chilton, was staying in the room next door.

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Paltrow said she refused and left but later told her then boyfriend, Brad Pitt.

Several of Weinstein’s accusers share their personal stories in the doc, including actresses Rosanna Arquette (“When I tried to tell people, they said, ‘You better keep your mouth shut'”) and Paz de la Huerta (“Things got very uncomfortable very fast”).

Along with the premiere date, Hulu has released a trailer — which you can watch above — that takes a hard look at the more than 80 accusations of sexual assaults leveled against Weinstein, who was a Oscar-winning Hollywood kingpin as head of the indie film studio Miramax.

Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.”Below is a list of those who allege that they were victimized in some way by Harvey. Evans also claims that her rejection of Weinstein negatively impacted her husband's career.

Kiss you a little,'" the producer allegedly said.

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