Who is jayson williams dating brett and taya still dating

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Tanya Young Williams wasn’t particularly surprised when she heard the news that Vanessa Bryant had filed for divorce from her NBA superstar husband Kobe Bryant last week.Williams, 43, spent much of her adult life in the stands cheering on her one-time college sweetheart and later NBA star husband Jayson Williams as he scored big points on the national front.“You think you’re marrying this great guy and life is going to just be this wonderful dream world.But you’re never prepared for when everything changes and he changes with it.It’s a strange new world, and these young girls get very caught up in the fame more than anything.’’Williams says she gladly gave up her professional career in law to follow her husband from city to city during the year and from team to team during trades in the off season.“No matter how hard you try not, you really do give up yourself and your life when you marry an athlete,’’ said Williams, the mother of two.“It becomes all about them, the game they just played, or what was just written in the paper, or what some sports announcer said about their skills.“She wasn’t a woman that went out of her way to be friendly with the other females around her or to give back to those in need, really.

As a wife, you’re supposed to just fall in line and go along with it all.

I think they were more busting her bubble.’’Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have both had their share of popularity issues during their marriage, and time with the Lakers.

The couple was often viewed as immature, aloof, and unable and unwilling to listen to the knowledgeable voices around them.

She told me that I had to keep the media, the team, and other women out of my marriage if I wanted it to last.

She told me not to listen to what other people had to say about my marriage.

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