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7 via Baker Books and Sturm has issued a couple of videos to promote the effort.The previous clip delved into her reasons for writing a book, while this new video focuses on her decision to leave the band.If we are to live without having a purpose, what is the point?Suicide would not even be a problem because we exist in pure nothingness. The problem is, we are bad Gods, and we will fail ourselves," said Sturm, "When we realize that enough times it makes for a really dark place to go to within yourself.

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While music in itself could not be all inherently bad, in her fragile state almost anyone could have set her back. She was also fond of Jennifer Knapp, Third Day, and worship music. The first half covers the darkness of her life while the second half is the light.

So to filter life through there is a God who loves and created us through a purpose and wants to spread His love to others and to the world through our lives." She explained we are "like a seed that dies and is born again and becomes a flower." Something great always seems to find its way even through the worst of times.

"You can't conceive of what's coming out of that seed, but when you die and come to life, it's just completely new." Check back in with Breathe Cast tomorrow to hear more about Sturm's amazing testimony.

That was put in perspective for her and for me," she said of her girlfriend, "That's why she understood that if I believe there's a God outside of this life that cares about my life that wants me to live, I want to give Him my life to do what He wanted with it." Sturm continued, "He could take my life later that day, or He could take it in 50 years.

I was like, there is a God, I've experienced him, if there wasn't, then whatever, we do whatever. There is, and He has won my heart." Sturm addressed other religions who serve a god because of fear for their lives.

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