Wowstead guild roster not updating

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Guild Management p2 ft Communities Some of the problems we’ve been encountering seem to be bugs, others seem to have been deliberate changes which, potentially, may have been done with the best of intentions and, for some guilds, may well have had little or no impact, but for others they have caused all sorts of problems. that’s going to make guild recruitment interesting … I will delete this comment if you want at a later point so it doesn’t mess your thread up.A lot of issues guilds have been having (or rather, their administrators) have been a knock-on effect of either the integration into the “Communities” interface, or the changes in permissions (“is officer” “is not officer”). anyway: Hi, just wanted to add some advice about the name issue on the forums. Edit: also you should be able to reply now I’ve replied. but for now I’m okay posting with a different character as it’s obviously some problem with the new forums and if other people have been having the same problem, I’m assuming Blizzard will, at some point, fix it. including logging on and off, and had been in game with the various characters. As for the “reasons” you guys gave for the thread being locked …Keeping this updated and keeping information like how many days & what days you raid, the times (including your time zone don’t call it server time) and what your requirements/needs are can be extremely beneficial.

The downside is duplicate guilds from transfers can mess up the ranking system.if no-one replies to my guild recruitment post, and because I can therefore not reply to it, I simply keep updating the original post …does the “thread getting locked after x time” apply still, or does it take into account the last time it was edited?I’m guild leader of a fairly large guild (800 characters) and since the UI changes have had all sorts of problems.For info, I’m currently posting on an alt, as for some reason my “main” isn’t allowed to post! I know that many others are in the same situation as myself, both on the EU and US realms.

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