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As it changes, regardless of which collection from whence the item came, each item control is updated, as data binding is supposed to work.

First, instead of setting the grid’s Data Context to the actual data, shared with the treeview and the textboxes, we bind it to the currently selected treeview item: Now, the treeview will show the data we wanted it to show, as before, but as the user changes the selection, the treeview’s Selected Item property changes, which updates the grid’s Data Context, which signals the textboxes, bound to properties on grid’s Data Context (because the Data Context property is inherited and we haven’t overridden it on the textboxes), and the textboxes are updated.

If this was a listview instead of a treeview, that would work great (so long as you set the Is Synchronized With Current Item property to true).

The problem, as my co-author and the-keeper-of-all-WPF-knowledge Ian Griffiths reminded me this morning, is that currency is based on a single collection, whereas a Tree View control is based on multiple collections, i.e. So, as I change the selection on the top node, the treeview has no single collection’s current item to update (stored in an associatedcurrent node” and explicitly bind each control to the treeview’s Selected Item property.

For purposes of this article, I’m using hard-coded data.

Feel free to load this collection with the data of your choice.

Figure 2 shows the three classes that will be necessary for expressing a hierarchy of Employee Type objects of which each Employee Type object can hold one or more Employee objects. The last class you create is collection class called Employee Types created using the generic List class. In the constructor of the Employee Types collection class, you build the collection of Employee Type objects and fill each one with Employee objects, as shown in Listing 1.Set the Item Template property in your Hierarchical Data Template to the key name of the Data Template.Set the Items Source property to the collection of objects that contain the path of the data expressed in the Data Template.The employee name is indeed what shows up in the last level of the Tree View shown in Figure 1.As this is just a two-level Tree View, you only need a single resource.

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