You re dating other guys you re telling me lies

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A guy who is looking for a serious relationship will want to make the person their interested in feel special.

When things start heating up in the bedroom, he will find out what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and what drives her wild.

Exploring and learning more about what makes her tick behind closed doors will be one of his top priorities.

But if the guy you’re seeing is always in a rush when it comes to getting intimate, it could be a sign that you’re not the only one.

Even without the playful bass line and jazzy groove, Kingston is catchy and memorable.

It’s an incredibly simple track, but Kingston proves how important he is to the success of the melody in the video, where he intro’s the song by singing the hook acapella.

Men disappear because something better came along, or one of their other options is in need of their attention.Men who have a bunch of women lined up to go on dates with will frequently cancel on you if a better option comes around.So why you’re picking out your outfit, planning your makeup look and deciding how you’ll curl your hair for your romantic night out on the town, he’s sitting at home wondering what excuse he can come up with to blow you off so he can spend time with the hottie he just met at the bar last night.Every morning before he rises, he will shoot you a good morning text message.Throughout the day, he will keep you updated on all the crazy things going on at his job; and before he goes asleep, he will send you a good night message.

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