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For Livingstone, this wall of water was just an obstacle that prevented the Christians from reaching the tribes in the depths of the continent.For a long time the waterfall remained practically without any visitors, until the construction of the railroad in 1905.His expedition, aimed at bringing Christianity to Africa, was accompanied by 300 warriors from one of the tribes, but only two of them dared to get close to the waterfall.However, the traveler was not too happy about his discovery.One of the peculiar ways of entertainment at Victoria, hardly known to the mainstream tourists — is a natural pool, about ten meters wide, located right next to the cliff, next to the Livingstone's island.Just a narrow strip separates it from the deep precipice.The cord stretches near the water, bounces back and about a dozen of times, and afterwards the jumper is brought up.However, the safest way to admire the waterfall would be from the height of the bird's flight, which we offer you here.

However, at all other times, Victoria is a roaring machine, the power of which leaves an unforgettable impression.No wonder that his place was called "Devil's Pool".After getting into this pool the swimmer can feel how tons and tons of swirling water plummet nearby.Sumedha Dharmasena, United Arab Emirates I am looking to niagara falls for the first time which chang the picture in my mind about zambia which was zambia is african backwardness country but now my dream that some day I can visit and injoy very very lovely country thank you friends salah kharboutli, Syrian Arab Republic We lived in Victoria Falls Village for many years and to see it again in this form brings back many very happy memories,wonder were all the old friends landed up in the world? Graham and Eve Ingles, Australia I grew up in Wankie, 70 miles south of Vic Falls, and we used to travel up there pretty often; in fact so often you didn't even bother to look sometimes, because all you wanted to do was head for the Vic Falls Hotel and a cold Lion Lager. We were able to walk along the edge of the falls from the Zambian side to Livingstone Island.Your panorama brings back the experience of a lifetime.

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